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Inspection / Audits

We offer inspection, audit and area classification service for all types of hazardous area electrical installations. ATEX Inspection in Dubai UAE Oman Abu Dhabi Sharjah Ajman Fujairah. ATEX Certification for Spark Arrestor. ATEX Certification for Chalwyn Valves. ATEX IECEx Inspection in Muscat Oman

Our Inspection Division is the first body that has received NABCB accreditation as a Type ‘A’ Inspection body for conducting Area Classification and carrying out Inspections to ascertain and certify the safety integrity of the electrical equipment installed in Hazardous Areas as per the below standards –

Standards Description
IEC, EN & IS/IEC 60079-17 Explosive Atmospheres – Electrical Installations Inspection and Maintenance
IS 4051 & AS/NZS 2290.1-2014 Electrical equipment for Coal Mines – Inspection & Maintenance
IS 5572 & IEC, EN 60079-10-1 Explosive Atmospheres: Part 10-1: Classification of Areas – Explosive Gas Atmospheres
IEC, EN & IS/IEC 60069-10-2 Explosive Atmospheres: Part 10-2: Classification of Areas Explosive Dust Atmospheres
API 500 & API 505 Recommended Practice for Classification of Locations for Electrical Installations at Petroleum Facilities
IP 15 Area classification code for installations handling flammable fluids
IEC, EN 60079-14 & IS 16724 Explosive Atmospheres: Electrical Installations Design, Selection & Erection (other than Mines susceptible to firedamp)
GSR 612(E) 27 Aug 2008 as amended from time to time PNGRB Technical Standards and Specifications including Safety Standards for City or Local Natural Gas Distribution Networks.
PNGRB T4S Regulations 2008 Technical standards and specifications including Safety Standards for City or Natural Gas Distribution Networks) Regulations 2008.
ISO/ IEC, ISO/EN 80079-34 Explosive Atmospheres: Application of Quality Systems for Product Manufacture.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers undertakes, are also IECEx CoPC certified in

  • Units 004, 007 & 008 for maintenance and visual, close and detailed inspections of Ex equipment / installations
  • Units 003 & 006 for installation and testing of Ex installations.

Some of the types of inspection and audits we undertake include: 

Initial Inspection – A pre-commissioning inspection ensures:

  • Selected equipment is appropriate for the hazardous zone
  • The equipment has been installed correctly as per the requirements of the standard

Periodic Inspections – Third party Inspections for existing installations.

  • Ensure continued SAFETY INTEGRITY of the equipment
  • Monitor the effects of deterioration of change
Final Product Inspection– Third party Inspections for final equipment.
  • Inspection to ensure that the equipment is manufactured in line with Ex Certification
  • Verify safety integrity of Ex Assemblies.

Area Classification: Classification of Hazardous areas into Zones / Divisions

  • Conduct an inspection of potential sources of release
  • Identify type and extent of Zone / Division created

Production Process Inspection: ATEX Inspection in Dubai UAE Oman Abu Dhabi Sharjah Ajman Fujairah. ATEX Certification for Spark Arrestor. ATEX Certification for Chalwyn Valves. ATEX IECEx Inspection in Muscat Oman

  • Ensure that the production process is capable to ensuring conformity of the product to the certified design.
  • Monitor continuous conformity of production process.

Specific Standard covered are:

  • IS: 5572: 2009 and IEC 60079-10 | Classification of Hazardous Area
  • IS: 5571: 2009 and IEC 60079-Part 14 | Electrical installations designs, selection and erection
  • IS/IEC 60079-17:2007 | Electrical installation, inspection and maintenance
  • IS/IEC 60079-25 | Intrinsically safe electrical systems
  • IS/IEC 60079-19:2006 | Ex Equipment Repair, Overhaul & Reclamation

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