Ex11 Ex Mechanical

CompEx Ex11 

CompEx Ex11 Ex Mechanical and Flange Integrity Core Competence Certification

We are now providing a significantly updated CompEx Ex 11 Course that covers the new ‘Ex h’ requirements with a new updated exam and a new pipe integrity practical assessment to prevent against ‘loss of containment’ of flammable materials.

CompEx Ex11 has been created for mechanical engineers and fitters to gain a qualification in explosion safety to International Standards. ATEX (DSEAR) requires users to identify all possible ignition sources that could arise in hazardous areas. The identification of these ignition sources includes non-electrical (mechanical) items of equipment (in addition to electrical equipment covered by Ex01-04). The safety measures for non-electrical equipment used in hazardous areas not only include the design (and possible certification) of equipment but also the aspects required for safe selection, installation, maintenance, inspection and repair. Non-Electrical Explosion Safety has now also gone ‘international’ with the publication of IEC non-electrical equipment standards for explosive atmospheres and IECEx certification of such equipment.

The CompEx Ex11 covers both ATEX (European) and International (IEC) requirements as we are a Notified Certification Body for both ATEX and IECEx non-electrical equipment and are verified and accredited specialists in this field.

CompEx Ex11 Agenda

  • Hazardous areas overview
  • Ignition sources of gas and dust
  • Introduction to Area classification
  • Categories, EPLs & Marking
  • Equipment for use in hazardous areas
  • Repairs & Modifications
  • Requirements for ATEX and IECEx non-electrical equipment and assemblies
  • EN1127-1 and identifying ignition hazards
  • Failure examples for ATEX and IECEx Non-Electrical
  • Performing ignition risk assessments (worked examples)
  • ISO 80079-36/37 overview and the relationship with IEC60079-0 (Ex h)
  • Concepts Ex d, p, c, k. b
  • Selection and use of gaskets, flanges, bolts and pipe integrity

Assessment Method

Delivery will be a combination of classroom tuition / and practical in the workshop.

Each candidate is required to demonstrate competence through a series of practical assessments and multi-choice question exam.

In addition to close and detailed Ex mechanical inspections on a mechanical assembly, a  practical installation element is assessed based on a flange integrity assembly.

The flange integrity practical consists of:


  • Visual inspection, measurement and selection of appropriate parts
  • Flange assembly, blanking of flange.
  • Pressure Test, assessment and depressurisation
  • Safe Breaking of a Flange Joint

Assessment of Competence

90-minute exam (multiple choice)

90-minute exam on a close and detailed inspection on a mechanical pump rig (use of tools/locking out/fault identification assessment)

30-minute flange integrity practical.  Selection and fitting of appropriate gaskets, bolts and flange blanks, pressure testing and safe removal.

Safety boots/shoes will be required, all other protective equipment and tools are provided

Who should attend CompEx Ex11?

CompEx EX11 is suitable for all personnel who may be required to break and isolate pipes to install or maintain Ex equipment such as pumps etc., and personal who may need to select, install or maintain Ex non-electrical equipment.

Designers of ATEX or IECEx equipment (products) should consider the Ex h Designers Course  (contains no practical assessment)

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