Intrinsic Safety Circuit Design Course

Intrinsic Safety Circuit Design
Intrinsic safety training for ‘product’ designers

This 2 day introduction to Intrinsic Safety Circuit Design course is ideal for Engineers who wish to start designing intrinsically safe equipment or brush up on their knowledge of this complicated subject and perhaps learn some new methods of achieving safety. The presenter has conducted or checked hundreds of intrinsically safe projects and has ‘real world’ experience with both design and certification of intrinsically safe equipment.

Why use us for intrinsic safety design training?

Intrinsic Safety Training Course Syllabus

Intrinsic safety design training for designers and certification engineers


Advanced Courses and Workshops

Immediately after the ‘Introduction to Intrinsic Safety For Product Designers’ course there is a 3 day advanced intrinsically safe design workshop for delegates who wish to gain a more advanced knowledge of modern intrinsic safety design.

We offer a 10% discount on the cost when both courses are booked as a 5 day course. 

How to book

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