Electronic Earthing System is composed of one IIB aluminium alloy enclosure (EJB 8A type) inside which there is an electronic resistance/capacity device and externally a support hook, an earthing clamp, complete with 8 m of cable, to measure and check the continuity towards the earth, aiming to eliminate the electrostatic charges. Enclosure has on the cover a green and a red pilot light as agreement or refuse to proceed. Its modularity by jumpers or trimmers placed on the electronic card, allows the selection of different capacity or resistance sensibility levels.
Indispensable in cases where the temporary grounding of tank trucks or tankers during transfer of liquids or hazardous substances is required for truck, refueling,wagon, vehicules .The fastener is secured by two brass springs of great strength.To be connected on sheet ground metalON/OFF internal switch connexionRugerdise – SafetyOil & gas – Maritim – AeronauticBuid with internal flameproof switch ON/OFF to establish the contact when the clamp is tight to avoid sparks.
The IS1 earthing clamp is composed by two aluminium alloy jaws with tempered steel contacts ends and insulated thermoplastic handles, resistant to oils, fuels, paints and diluents. After having connected the clamp to any grip, having dimension between 3 and 30mm, the closing of the electric contact happens in an appropriate EExd chamber placed on one of the two jaws. The clamp comes complete with 8 m. of highly flexible cable 1x6mm2, chemical aggressive resistant. The IS2 earthing clamp is exactly made as IS1, but with one auxiliary contact NO to control the happened earthing.
The grounding plugs ISEO I type are particularly indicated for the earthing of tanks, basins, drums, etc..